Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Kathy’s Law

Dear Friends,

Please consider donating to Kathy’s Legacy Foundation. ( Not so long ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy’s mother for a few hours. She has endured the unthinkable, yet remains strong. According to State Senator Ben Hueso, The Scharbarth’s family was instrumental in the creation and passage of this law. Governor Brown said letters written by Kathy’s family convinced him to sign the bill into law.    This law will save lives.


God Bless,

Melissanne Velyvis




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Abuse is indifferent to education level, socio-economic status, race, age, or gender. And no one can ever know the dynamics of another’s relationship. My cycle continued for four more years. Afterward, I let go and welcomed the hard work of healing and forgiveness. My experience made me stronger and able to love more deeply. But my heart breaks for him. In the end, who is the real victim of his choices?”

Jennie Willoughby


Take Care,