Velyvis Strangulation Newly Discovered Metadata Concerning Photographic Evidence of the Egregious Crime

6 years ago this week I endured a brutal non-fatal strangulation. The cellular device used to photograph the injury then concealed by the perpetrator days later. I had forwarded photos from the device beforehand to an email address for safe keeping, but then forgot I had. I was in shock. At the end of 2016 I discovered the photographs in my POP Folder under the email account. I reported the information to Law Enforcement afterwards. The police report reads that they were unable to make an immediate arrest, because there was no proof the photographs were taken on the date of the alleged incident. However, the crime incident was referred to the Marin County District Attorney for review. The ADA assigned to the case informed me of a similar issue concerning the photographic evidence, and the case was closed.

In January 2020, Law Enforcement sent a supplemental incident report to the Marin District Attorney with additional supporting documentation, but the case was sent back to them once again. There was a breakthrough at the end of 2020.


In a recent development, I am now able to prove that the photographs were in fact taken on the day after the incident(s), along with an actual time. Metadata is something Law Enforcement and DA Investigation team did not explore at the time of the original report. I look forward to publishing more on this story by the weeks end.