Velyvis Strangulation Newly Discovered Metadata Concerning Photographic Evidence of the Egregious Crime

6 years ago this week I endured a brutal non-fatal strangulation. The cellular device used to photograph the injury then concealed by the perpetrator days later. I had forwarded photos from the device beforehand to an email address for safe keeping, but then forgot I had. I was in shock. At the end of 2016 I discovered the photographs in my POP Folder under the email account. I reported the information to Law Enforcement afterwards. The police report reads that they were unable to make an immediate arrest, because there was no proof the photographs were taken on the date of the alleged incident. However, the crime incident was referred to the Marin County District Attorney for review. The ADA assigned to the case informed me of a similar issue concerning the photographic evidence, and the case was closed.

In January 2020, Law Enforcement sent a supplemental incident report to the Marin District Attorney with additional supporting documentation, but the case was sent back to them once again. There was a breakthrough at the end of 2020.


In a recent development, I am now able to prove that the photographs were in fact taken on the day after the incident(s), along with an actual time. Metadata is something Law Enforcement and DA Investigation team did not explore at the time of the original report. I look forward to publishing more on this story by the weeks end.

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Tell Your Story of Abuse—Even When People Don’t Want to Hear It | CBE

When women come forward about abuse—sexual, religious, emotional, physical, financial, verbal, etc.—reactions often vary widely. Some people cheer on the survivors. Some people question why the victims didn’t come forward earlier. Some people worry that people have been falsely accused.

Two years ago, I posted my own story of sexual and religious abuse on YouTube. Knowing that people often respond defensively, I worried:
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Marin Judge Tosses Criminal Case Over Divorce Blog/ The Marin Independent Journal August 16, 2020

Citing free speech rights, a Marin County judge has dismissed a criminal charge against a woman who violated a court order with a blog about her estranged husband.
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UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh Concerning Marin County Superior Court Ruling of Judge Chernus

The DV-TRO I Filed on September 6, 2016 Without an Attorney, and My Surprise at the Courthouse/ The DV-TRO He Strategically Filed Against Me/ The First Appearance Transcript of September 20, 2016

DV Packet September 6

In my last post, I explained what happened on Saturday, September 3, 2016 concerning the knives being displayed in the kitchen. It is important to note that that was Labor Day Weekend. I knew I was going to file a DV-TRO on the next business day, along with my second petition for a Legal Separation. ( I had filed my first petition for Legal Separation on October 17, 2013, just a few months after his first felony arrest for DV.)

So the following Tuesday morning, I filed the DV-TRO ( CLICK ON DV PACKET SEPTEMBER ABOVE.) I was nervous and scared that day. I now know I didn’t fill out enough information. I had no funds for an attorney. I was frozen out.

The way it works is this….If you file your DV-TRO paperwork before 10:30 a.m., you can return to the courthouse that same afternoon after 1:30 to pick up a DV Temporary ORDER. Then, you walk it down to the Sheriff’s office to have it SERVED on the other party. Well, I had showed up after 10:30 a.m. Therefore, I was instructed to go back the following afternoon to pick up the DV-TRO.


September 2, 2016 DVTRO (CLICK HERE) to review his DV-TRO application and ORDER against me. 

When I returned the following day , September 7, 2016, to pick up the Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order against him, I learned the he had filed a DV-TRO against me, chalk full of lies to spin everything around onto me. I was further shocked to see that he signed for the DV-TRO against me on September 1, 2016. That was the same day I had audio-recorded him at the house. (Refer to my audio-recording of September 1, 2016 on the sidebar. ) That is the audio of him sneaking back into the home and acting like I was attempting to hurt him. Interesting, his DV-TRO was approved on September 2nd. He text me on that same day instructing me to pick up HIS children from private school! Yet, in his application, he requested I not be around his children.


I then left the courthouse with my Temporary Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him. However, the order read that he had made it to the courthouse first, and therefore I WAS THE ONE WHO RECEIVED THE KICK-OUT ORDER! He obtained it by lying to the Court. He made it “appear” that the “medical practice” paid for the home, and that he was officing there. He also made it appear that he had court-ordered full custody of his kids. Regardless, he and Rambo attorney, Trevor G. Jackson had a diabolical strategy from the get go. He retained a 20,000 attorney. I had no attorney. See how this works? So, I returned to the hotel.

CLICK on the link above to view the DV-TRO he filed against me. Make sure to view page 4 of 6, line 16. He refers to the August 27, 28th when the Police showed up to our home. He LIES and states we got into a SHOUTING MATCH.  Cross-reference it with the audio recording in the sidebar entitled August 28, 2016. He was framing me up.


Declaration of Melissanne Velyvis  NEVER FILED IN 2016

September 20, 2016 Transcript 


” Well, you have a lot of silver coins. You have silver coins.”

_ The Hon. Beverly Wood 

MS. VELYVIS: I don’t have any money.

THE COURT: Well, you have a lot of silver coins. You have silver coins.

MS. VELYVIS: It’s not for me to sell. That’s to be determined in the divorce court, what is

separate and what is not. And I have half of the silver and so does he. He’s liquidating things and that’s why I needed to make sure he stopped hiding all the money we have.

But I need money to be able to even live and survive.

 First Appearance September 20, 2016

I showed up to court with a DV Advocate from the Center for Domestic Peace. I had no funds for an attorney. As I walked into the courtroom WITH A WALKER, and wearing a Boston Brace for vertebral fractures, torn shoulder and elbow…..Rambo attorney Trevor G. Jackson literally tossed a large manilla packet onto my walker. He considered me Personally served! However, I had already picked up papers at the Sheriff’s office.

The Hon. Beverly Wood exhibited a wry sense of humor throughout. She belittled me, and showed an immediate favortism toward my husband and his counsel.

Judge Wood Was Simultaneously Presiding Over Dr. Velyvis and His First Ex-Wife’s Family Law Matter/ She Was Duly Aware that CPS Had Had Pointed Allegations Against Him, Yet She Chose to “youst” the Step-mother From the Residence

There are California Rules of Court (CRC). I did not meet the criteria to have been thrown out of our marital home based on A. The fact that husband filed a DV-TRO first. B. The fact that my step-children had custodial time at our residence. What if I had been their biological mother? Would I have been thrown out of the home by Judge Wood?

So apparently, if you are a stepmother and your husband physically abuses you, it is YOU who will be restrained from your marital home IF your husband has children from another relationship residing in the home even part time.

The Hon. Beverly Wood has set precedence for all STEP-MOTHERS IN MARIN COUNTY. 

Upon leaving the courtroom, the DV Advocate told me she felt I got a raw deal from the judge, and that she was out of line. I had a right to access our community property funds, independent of Spousal Support being figured out at a later date. Dr. John Velyvis had no legal right to exercise 100 percent control over community funds. Judge Wood knew this.

Their mission was accomplished! Attorney Cora Lancelle was not willing to represent me without a 20,000 retainer. They wanted me to start out with a severe disadvantage. They played dirty from the get go.

Clear Threat Just Days After the Audio Recordings/ New Kitchen Knives Displayed in a Fanned Position Near My Cutting Board on Saturday, September 3, 2016


” You need a lobotomy.” A surgical operation involving incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain.

_ Dr. John H. Velyvis

The many times he stated this to me throughout our marriage, I thought  it to be an odd “Doctor Humor Statement.” On September 3, 2016 that changed. 

I have owned the same Japanese Chef’s knife for years. ( see featured photograph above.) It is my instrument in the kitchen. On Friday, September 2, 2016, I removed it from our Pacheco Creek Drive residence. In fact, I left behind 90 percent of all my culinary kitchen items.

The following day, I received a text message from my step-daughter informing me they were all out at soccer. Knowing that, I returned to the residence for my Kitchen Aid Mixer and some clothing items. Upon walking into the kitchen, I was alarmed to see the fanned display of Cuisinart Kitchen knives fanned out next to my cutting board. I TOOK THIS AS A MESSAGE AND A DIRECT THREAT.  My adrenaline kicked in…fear. 

  1. I called my son. I explained. His recommendation was that I leave them be. He felt somehow I would be framed for something.
  2. I called my daughter. I explained. She recommend I take them for my own safety and proof.

I chose to take them with me. I used them as an EXHIBIT IN A MUTUAL DV-TRO HEARING IN 2016.  The Hon. Beverly Wood smirked and laughed it off. It became a joke.

Dr. Velyvis used it against me. He made up a lie about him having to go out and buy knives and a comforter the day before. He claimed I had taken all of the knives from our home and the comforters! There were plenty of knives left at the residence. I took ONE comforter off of our King Bed. A comforter I had purchased for less than 100.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond. He had plenty other comforters in the linen closet.

His Rambo attorney then used it against me to make the court believe that I had thwarted a DV-TRO by returning to the residence! I NEVER EVEN KNEW THERE WAS A BOGUS DV-TRO filed against me until I went to pick up my DV-TRO I had filed against him on September 7, 2016.

To this day….I have the knives he displayed (for the sole purpose of intimidation,) here in Texas. I do not use them. I know the real reason he purchased them. The manner in which he fanned them out near my cutting board, the fact he even purchased knives, the lobotomy, I know him so well.

The Hon.  Beverly Wood of Marin County is so blind to lethal indicators of true Domestic Violence.