August 13, 2016 Voicemail of Threats to Cut off Credit Card in Order to Control Just Before Boarding Airline for My Trip to Texas for Birth of Grandson


At first blush, the voicemail is seemingly justifiable. A husband upset that his wife is spending money on a hotel just miles away from the marital home. The poor guy is taking care of the dog, cat and the fish. He also seems to just want to see his wife before she leaves out of state. Right? No way.

I had left the house due to a violent episode. I made him think I was just needing to visit my daughter in Santa Rosa (at the time.) I had actually checked into a nearby hotel in Larkspur. I went home each day while he was at work and kept up the home, checked on his children, made dinner, set the table and left before he returned home. I was keeping the peace.

After checking the credit card, he realized I was at a hotel. He was aware I was leaving to Texas on a planned trip. He had wanted me to see him before I left. He was angry when he realized I was really trying to get away from him.

He threatened to cut off the finances to keep me stressed out on my trip.

He did settle down, and ultimately not only did not cut off the credit card, but attempted to to make up for everything by transferring an additional amount of cash into my checking account for extra needs for the Texas trip. Of course, upon my return back to CA he then accuses me of taking money from our community property that I simply did not take. (See AUDIO-RECORDINGS on sidebar.)

I was the primary caretaker of the family dog, cat and fish. His voicemail was about power and control.

Author: Melissanne

My name is Melissanne Velyvis. I am the mother of two successful adult children, and one adorable grand-child. I am a survivor of physical, emotional, and economic abuse. Due to the judicial misconduct of the Hon. Beverly Wood of Marin County, CA, I am not properly protected. I believe my story is of public concern. I would like to educate the public about Non-fatal Strangulation. I can be reached at

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